Build a Baby Shower Gift Bag for under $10 your Guests will Love

by EvolvingAppetites

Baby showers are a time to celebrate the arrival of a new life, and party favors are a thoughtful way to thank guests for joining in the celebration. I had three goals when curating a Baby Shower Party Favor Bag:

  1. Practicality & Reusability – We are very mindful about things we bring into our home, as every clutter is an addition not only to our home but to our mental space. Hence, it was important for me to gift practical and reusable items that I myself would use or bring to my home.
  2. Cute and on theme – This is a celebration, a baby shower after all. There’s no reason to hold back on granting some delight 🙂
  3. Affordability – Besides food and decorations, baby showers can a sizable cost to your family budget besides all the baby gear and tools you’ll be buying that year. Why not be thoughtful and financially efficient with gifts as well?

With those goals in mind, I’ve curated a list of 8 useful and unique baby shower party favors, all under $10, that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests without breaking the bank.

Custom Paper Bags – $0.90 each

We need a bag to fill gifts and sweets. These reusable paper bags are not only cute, but can be reused when guests want to bag to hand gifts to their own friends! I like that the bag is not overly personalized (no baby images or words) but cute and personal enough as party favor gift bags.

Bottle Openers – $0.74 each

Handy baby-themed bottle openers are a useful gift that your guests will appreciate. I especially liked that it came in the form of a keychain, as bottle openers are most helpful at parties or outdoor gatherings when somehow bottle openers are hard to find!

Chapstick – $1.30 each

For me personally, I can never have enough Chapstick. I have one in every bag, in my bathroom and at the desk where I work. Party flavor lip balm is a pretty unique flavor and plus points for being baby themed.

Hand Cream – $0.90 each

Treat your guests to some pampering with mini hand creams. Ever since Covid, I find myself washing my hand more frequently especially when I’m out and about. As such, just like Chapstick, I have a mini hand cream in every purse.

Assorted Lindt Chocolates – $1 for 3 pieces

Satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth with delicious Lindt chocolates. I love the quality of Lindt chocolates and the taste of their truffles. Throw a few in each party bag! I’m sharing the Amazon link but price will be much lower in Costco / Trader Joe’s.

Small Scented Candles – $2.85 each

Scented candles are a lovely and thoughtful favor that guests can enjoy in their own homes. I like to keep one on each bathroom sink and it’s a treat to light them up when cleaning the bathroom, hosting or taking a nice self-care bath.

These were my favorite thing in the gift bag because they smelled so good and looked so luxurious. Even though I didn’t open the lid, they scented the gift bags themselves! I might even add these to the L&D gift bags for nurses.

Oh Baby Seed Packets – $1.20 each

Encourage guests to grow their own flowers or herbs with these charming seed packets. These favors make for a lovely keepsake that guests will enjoy long after the shower and is especially fun if they have small kids of their own!

Hair Ties – $1 each

Offer your guests practical hair ties in colors or patterns that match your baby shower theme. Package them in small organza bags or simply tie them together with a cute ribbon.


With these budget-friendly and thoughtful baby shower party favors, you can show your appreciation to your guests without overspending and over-cluttering their homes (win-win!).

I really love how the bags turned out and I can’t wait to give them out. And as for the ‘left-overs’ (extra hand creams, chocolates etc), I was happy to consume and eat them myself!

For your convenience, please find the summary of items and links below:

Paper bags$0.90
Bottle Opener$0.74
Lindt Chocolates$1.00
Small Scented Candles$2.85
Oh Baby Seed packets$1.20
Hair tie$1.00

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